Thursday, December 7

She Finally Solves The Problem Of Not Having Somebody To Snuggle Up With At Night!

Laura, with LauDIY,  has this thing figured out! I mean, we all get a little lonely sometimes and just want somebody to cuddle with (well, a lot of us, anyway)! This is the greatest idea and would make a great gift for some of your girlfriends who are single or who are in long distance relationships!

For this DIY project you’ll need a shirt, scissors, stuffing, fabric glue or a hot glue gun…and for those seamstresses out there, you can sew it!

So whether your boyfriend (or husband) is away, or completely non-existent, you will always have someone to cuddle with! You’ll always have someone to watch a movie with or put an arm around you. You can make him as stylish as you want to! She used a cotton baseball t-shirt because it’s nice and soft.

Let’s face it. We girls like to cuddle someone sometime. If for whatever reasons, your Mr. Right is not around, this cozy boyfriend cuddle is a simple solution. This cozy boyfriend cuddle is quite easy to make. Just follow the video tutorial.

In case you’re like me and haven’t heard of such a thing before, it’s a pillow with a half torso and arm.  The idea is that it makes a good shape for snuggling against.  You could spend $40 on one, or you can follow Laura’s tutorial to make one from a man’s shirt.

Watch how Laura makes this cool cuddle pillow in her step by step tutorial…it’s so easy!


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