She Finishes Off A Colorful Trim And What She Attaches It To Is Perfect For Her Toddler (Watch!)

If you’re a beginner at sewing, this DIY project won’t intimidate you at all…it’s perfect, as a matter of fact, so go for it!

When my little girl was growing up I loved sewing for her and then she grew up. It kind of made me sad for a while, but now I have two little granddaughters and I get to sew for them all the time! This little sun dress is perfect for them for the summer and I’ve already picked out the fabric to make this with. It gives me so much joy to sew for them!

An Etsy shop owner said that these are really popular with her customers and that they are also very easy to make, offering a lot of fun customization options. 

I love the way the gal, in the tutorial attached below, added a bow to the top of this sun dress and I’m doing the same thing with the ones that I’m sewing for my granddaughters. I’ve actually gone a little crazy buying coordinating fabrics for these dresses!

These are so perfect for Texas weather, so they’ll be a lot cooler wearing these this summer. They are both into wearing dresses right now, which I especially love and I have to take advantage of this while they are willing to wear dresses…they change pretty quickly!

Watch how this gal, with A Fate So Twisted, makes this darling sun dress in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making them too!


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