She Folds Fabric In Half And What She Does Next Is Genius. Watch!

Everything this gal sews is always so professional looking. I believe that’s why I post so many of her fabulous DIY sewing projects. Most of you seem to like her too! She definitely finishes off her sewing projects in a very polished fashion and her tutorials are excellent.

About two months ago my cousin asked me to make her a clutch for a wedding she is going to at the end of June, and of course I said yes (any excuse to sew a bag).  Upon returning to my house, I promptly forgot all about it.  Then two days ago she asked me about how it was coming along and it’s only 2 weeks away… “oops!”

She gave me a gorgeous Nine West shoe, that she wanted the bag to match and off I went, my brain scanning my memory bank of clutch patterns and I remembered this great clutch tutorial, whilst my car was on it’s way to the fabric shop.  Three fabric stores later, I found the perfect fabric and I was hoping she liked it because I was just drawn like a magnet to this great looking fabric.

I’m thinking it turned pretty darn gorgeous!  Do you need a clutch for an event or wedding and you are just tired of your same old black one you took to your high school graduation?  Throw that raggedy little bag out and make a great look clutch to match your favorite shoe color in your closet.

Laura Coia shows us in her step by step tutorial exactly how to make this beautiful clutch. She always makes everything look so easy! Watch it!

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