She Folds Sheets In Triangle Sections, Tying Off And What She Does Next Is Remarkable!

What she does is simply beautiful and you can’t buy something like this in the stores (that I know of). This is what makes DIY projects so special…you can create totally unique looks that not everybody has in their home. This will certainly change the whole look of a room.

You can do this with shower curtains, dish towels, throw pillow covers, placemats, bandanas, clothing and all kinds of things, but the curtains are quite a statement for room decor! I love the indigo blue…it makes such a rich statement.

I had a leftover indigo dye kit from another project, and wanted to use it up. I also had plans to do a mini-makeover on our bathroom. Blue is a calming color so it seemed like a good idea to use indigo in our bathroom.

This technique is called Shibori and is a Japanese form of tie-dye that produces beautiful, intricate designs.  This isn’t your average rainbow tie-dye.

This wasn’t nearly the easiest project I’ve done, but the end result is amazing. I’m so happy with the way it makes the room look!

Watch how Kitty Cotten does this clever project in her step by step tutorial and add something interesting and spectacular to your home decor!





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