Thursday, November 30

She Found This At The Dollar Store And Made An Incredible Clutch Out Of It!

Sometimes I get really lucky at the dollar store and sometimes not so much, but you have to keep going back to find treasures like this one! You can pick one of these up at a thrift store or garage sale too. I’m so impressed with what she makes that I HAD to have one for myself! I went on the hunt and found one! I feel like I struck gold!

What a clever idea! I just love the people out there who think of all these brilliant things to do with items that it never would occur to most of us to use! This is so simple to make too! I’ve seen clutches online that have tassels and/or a strip of coins attached to them so you can use your imagination and add anything you want! I saw two of these online and one of them was $121 and the other one was $68, so I feel really good about the one I made that I paid $1 for!

These look great with old broaches pinned on them, buttons, fringe, pom pom trim, the sky’s the limit! I’ve seen some amazing clutches online. Browse through Pinterest and check them out for some crazy awesome ideas!

This clutch looks fabulous with denim and boots! I love that bohemian chic look, with a little bit of western thrown into the mix! Sometimes I don’t want to carry a big purse when I go out and this one is just perfect. It holds exactly what I need without it popping open! I just love it and will be making more of them with some embellishments on them next time.

Watch how she makes this darling clutch so you can start making yours!




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