Thursday, November 30

She Found What She Wanted At Pottery Barn But Made It Herself And Saved $230!

She does this for under $20 and I love her determination and fortitude! I happened to need one of these and she inspired me to make one myself, after watching how easily she does this.

This looks really awesome standing by a wall gallery, by the way! That’s where I put mine and it added that perfect touch to my decor!

My first attempt at the gallery wall always felt too sparse to me.  After some brainstorming and experimenting, I decided to leave most of what I had started with the original gallery and add a few pieces to it.  And one of those pieces that I added is the rustic ladder and it serves two functions. I needed another shelf to put some of my things on…books included!

I’ve wanted a ladder for a long time, but those bad boys cost way more than I was willing to pay.  The price of authentic wood ladders has skyrocketed. I was shocked! Pottery Barn had an awesome ladder, but no way was I going to pay $250 for something that I could easily knockoff myself.  I made mine for under $20, not including the cost of stain because I already had that on hand.

I think you’ll find this is a super easy project that you could make in an afternoon.  You can adjust the amount of lumber you need based on the size ladder that you want to make.

Watch how this gal with Black & Decker makes this great looking ladder bookshelf in her step by step tutorial and you can get busy making one for your home!

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