Saturday, December 2

She Gathers Her Scraps, Sews Them Together And Makes An Item That Is Priceless!

Oh, I just love these quilts and all of the colors and dimensions in them! Reminds me of the ones my Grandmother and Mom have made, although they’ve made many quilts and not just scrappy quilts.

I’m guessing that these quilts originally started when someone decided to make a quilt and all they had to make it with were scraps, thus becoming the scrappy quilt! This is such a great way to use up the beautiful scraps you have left over from sewing garments and other things. Perfect solution!

I’ve made several of these quilts, in several sizes, including a couple of baby quilts for gifts and they’re always a big hit! I love quilting…it’s a relaxing hobby for me, and I do hand stitching while I watch all of my favorite shows I’ve recorded. It’s a perfect pastime, don’t you agree?

My favorite thing about these quilts are all of the brightly colored squares and the more they are washed the softer they are and the better they look. Quilts are my all time favorite items in my home. The ones that mean the most to me are the ones my Mother has made for me. She has a fancy sewing machine and always monograms a message and the dates on her quilts. She even sews her grandchildren’s handprints into a corner of the quilt…so sweet!

Watch how Laura Ann Coia makes this wonderful quilt in her step by step tutorial so you can make one too!


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