She Gives A Wall A 3-Dimensional Look. Watch How She Does It And 2 Other Decor Tips!

I must say that I was blown away at the clever thing she does to this wall! I just had to share with you how she did this. You’ll be surprised at what she does and how easy it is. You’ve got to see this!

When she tapes the wall off and paints the part that’s not taped off, this lovely gray, I didn’t quite know where she was going with this, but when she peeled the tape off and put eggshell painted trim around the taped off squares and put up a chair rail with the same eggshell painted trim I do believe my mouth fell open! What a masterpiece!

Talk about a beautiful custom look…she definitely accomplished this with this easy DIY project and I love it!

She also does a couple more projects that are interesting. She tells us how to pick the perfect paint and color for the dresser she refinishes and it looks like a brand new piece of furniture, specifically because of the type of paint she uses and the hardware she replaced the old hardware with.

The next couple of things she does is she paints some thrift store items to go along with her re-vamped home.

Watch how this clever gal with House and Home does these beautification projects to her home in her step by step tutorial.



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