She Glues Cardboard To Denim And What She Does Next Will Floor You!

My motto has always been “one can never have too many pairs of jeans”. When I go shopping I’m always drawn to jeans, when I certainly don’t need one more pair!

As a direct result of my jean shopping I’ve ended up needing to repurpose some of them since my closet can’t handle one more pair! I’ve patched, mended and refashioned denim in all kinds of special ways. Handcrafting old jeans, with style and imagination, can give your wardrobe a burst of unique fashion without the designer expense.

The appealingly soft textures and faded colors of worn denim make it the perfect fabric to sew into “new” things. So grab those long-forgotten jeans out from the back of your closet and discover what you can create!

 If you have less than minimal sewing skills, then you can easily hand stitch yourself a pair of these darling denim slippers. When you’re finished, slip your feet into these soft lightweight slippers and walk around your home feeling lovely and comfy. Or just put your feet up and glow with satisfaction while you gaze at your resourceful and chic handiwork.
Don’t you just love the way she embellishes these slippers? The pink flower with the sequins on denim and white embroidered stitching really make these look like a pair of specialty store custom slippers! I just love mine!
Watch how Artkala makes these beautiful slippers in her super easy step by step tutorial. Can you believe it got almost 3M views?

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