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She Glues Cardboard Together And When You See What She Uses It For You’ll Have To Have One!

I was so excited when I ran across this great DIY project because I really needed one of these. It never would have occurred to me to do this and it’s so easy

Father’s Day is almost here! Are your kids making something for Dad or Grand Dad? Here is a frugal, easy, but special idea: A Remote caddy for Daddy!

I have so many remotes and when I want to use a particular remote I can never find it because it’s either in the couch cushions or somewhere else! It has been so frustrating, but after making one of these I have gotten a lot of stress relief and it’s saved me a lot of time searching for it.

Being able to do anything for free or next to nothing these days seems like an accomplishment.  But when you can do something for free that can change your days, and create less stress and chaos in your life, well, that’s an incredible feat!

I’ve actually seen some people put decorative paper on a kleenex box to put their remotes in, but this idea far exceeds that idea. Besides, it just looks better than to have a kleenex box for remotes sitting on my end table!

Watch how Kala makes this genius remote organizer in her step by step tutorial so you can get all of those removes in one place where you have easy access to it!