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She Glues Doilies On A Ball And Turns It Into Something Magical (Watch!)

This simple project is so easy and inexpensive that anyone can do it. Most of us have some doilies that were passed down through our family, but if not, they are so easy to get your hands on. They can be found at 2nd hand stores, thrift stores and even craft supply stores. This DIY project can be done with a ball or a balloon. It can also be done with glue, or like she does, in this tutorial, with wallpaper paste.

I stumbled across this stunning lamp while searching for a unique idea involving doilies. This tutorial will show you how to make light orbs out of repurposed vintage doilies. These little lamps will add an ethereal atmosphere to any space!

You can either make a decorative ball only, or make this lamp by  simply inserting the lamp kit, which can be found at any hardware store, and illuminate! She suggests using an LED light bulb so the light stays cooler. She uses an IKEA light kit for this project.

This looks especially fabulous if you have Shabby Chic decor, but they also look great in little girls rooms or in your bedroom that you have decorated in a feminine decor. Or, hang it over a desk in the corner of a room. These are so awesome that you can put them in places you wouldn’t ordinarily think of and they work.

Watch how MadeByMarzipan makes this lovely doily lamp in her step by step tutorial.