She Glues Glitter On A Fall Leaves And Makes An Amazing Centerpiece For Under $10!

Fall is the beginning of the holiday decorating in our homes. I personally love decorating my home for fall because I feel like it makes my home feel and look more cozy and intimate.

Decorating for any holiday, however, can get pretty expensive. There are so many adorable decorations out there, but sometimes they can cost an arm and a leg! Luckily there are some easy and beautiful ways to decorate your home for less this fall.

You can actually decorate for fall on a budget with this creative dollar store fall DIY idea. You can get a majority of the supplies from the Dollar Tree, but you will probably need some basic crafting materials like glue gun, paint, paint brushes, etc.

Not everything at the Dollar Tree looks cheap, but if some of them do, you can embellish items the way this gal has in the tutorial. For example, she glues glitter to the fall leaves she puts on her fall centerpiece.

So, before you go out searching for the most adorable fall decor you can find, head to the dollar store first. I have found so many incredible pieces of holiday decor at the dollar store.

The dollar store has lots of fake pumpkins, fake leaves, silk flowers, vases, cute signs and banners, and so much more. I think you’ll be surprised by how many great items you can find for your fall decor there. Just be sure to go early in the season since as time passes, the good stuff gets picked over and you won’t find very much.

Watch how Momma From Scratch makes this beautiful fall centerpiece in her step by step tutorial and hurry on over to the dollar store!



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