She Glues Marbles To A Mason Jar. Watch What Happens Next. Brilliant

Looking for a fun and easy DIY decor idea or homemade last minute Christmas gift? This DIY mason jar prism candle is one of the most popular items on Pinterest for a reason. Also called a scatter candle, this jewel encrusted jar casts light in amazing shapes and patterns. Good news is that it requires very little effort to create, too! Simply get a bag of colored glass rocks from your local craft store or Amazon. (I do not recommend the large ones used here, but the smaller glass stone with one flat side. These come in tons of colors, clear, gold, blue, red, pink, green)

Follow the step by step instructions in this easy to follow Youtube video to learn how to make these cool homemade candles. I made 10 of these last year for Christmas presents in both red and blue, and everyone was really impressed. My teenage daughter helped, and we had so much fun making them together. I highly recommend this crafty do it yourself project!

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