She Glues Paper Coasters To A Frame With Popsicle Sticks But Watch What She Does Next!

This little DIY project totally took me by surprise and I’m sure you will be really surprised when you see the incredible finished product!

Once again, I’m left with saying to myself “who thinks this stuff up?” After seeing this I got busy making one for my girlfriend’s housewarming gift. When I gave it to her she flipped over it. She could have never imagined what I used to make this beautiful wall mirror. She was shocked when I told her.

This is such an easy project and it’s cheap to make too! She bought the majority of her supplies at the Dollar Tree, but when she finishes this project it looks like it costs a fortune…my kind of project!

After making one of these for my friend I simply had to make one for my home. Usually I make mine first, but needed a housewarming gift pretty quickly.

I’ll keep this project in the back of my mind when I need other gifts. With the way my girlfriend reacted to it, I’ll definitely be making more of these to give away.

Watch how Denise, with Dazzling Designs By Denise, makes this gorgeous mirror in her step by step tutorial.




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