She Glues Shells On A CD And What She Does Next Makes For The Cutest Beach Decor!

It’s amazing how many DIY projects you can do with sea shells. I was browsing on Pinterest and saw so many cool things that people have made with them, so make sure to pick some up when you go to the beach!

This gal makes the cutest little owls to go on top of the sea shells she glues to a CD. I especially love the owls she makes.

When I was looking at all of the owls I saw on Pinterest…they all had different personalities. Depending on the shape of the shells and the eyes, you can give them all kinds of different looks. And, who doesn’t love owls?

This is a fun project to do with children and it will keep them busy for hours, so keep this in mind when you’ve got children who say they’re bored!

My cousin has a beach house in Florida and she loves anything like this, so I know what I’m sending her for Christmas this year.

I’m not as big of a beach bunny as she is, but when you know someone who loves the beach as much as she does they love things like this!

Watch how Lia Liana does this great DIY shell project in her step by step tutorial.


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