She Glues Sticks In A Circle And What She Does Next Brings Nothing But Rustic Charm!

When I saw this on Pinterest, I had to go look for the tutorial. It was love at first sight and I simply had to have one for my home!

First of all I love anything made with twigs, but when you get fabric roses in the mix, I’m totally there!

This wreath is made from a cardboard wreath base, which is then covered with yellow rosettes. The Fall twigs that have been secured around the outside perimeter help create the “sunshine” image, in spite of their color.

I’d been itching to decorate for fall, but I really needed to keep it cheap. Even though the easiest way to do that would be to drop a couple hundred bucks at various stores and arrange a bunch of new, beautiful things, I had to contain myself.

As I walked through TJ Maxx today–trust me, it would be easy to throw caution to the wind and splurge, but with nearly every penny needed for something else right now, I had to get creative. And, as usual, it felt so good to just get creative. Even if it was just gluing sticks. Creating is good for the soul!

Watch how this gal with dreamflight6000 does this in her step by step tutorial and get busy gathering up some twigs!

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