She Got Tired Of Buying Painful New Shoes And Found 6 Tricks To Eliminate These Problems…

How many times have you bought a gorgeous pair of shoes and worn them out the next day, completely regretting it because your feet got all blistered?

When I was 16 my first pair of high heels had 4 inch heels, and while I absolutely loved them, they were horrific to wear. The bottom of my foot would get sore from the pressure of such a high heel, and my feet would slide forward, so my toes were scrunched and the slingback would slip off my heel.

Over a decade later…I own my fair share of heels, and am happy to report I even wear them every now and again. But this 16 year old had a long road ahead of her before she got to this point. From learning the hard way what size to wear, to discovering the following tools that have helped make high heels comfortable to wear.

Despite the reigning popularity of sneakers and flats, high heels will always be around. And on occasions that do call for heels, you might as well maximize the comfort level in any way that you can. So if you’ve ever hobbled home after a long day or night in heels, these tips are for you.

Watch this video by for some great tips for what to do for those new shoes that are causing you so much pain…they really work!

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