She Had Under Eye Circles And Got Rid Of Them With A Product We All Have On Our Shelf!

My cousin sent me a photo of herself and asked me if I knew of anything that could get rid of the dark circles and bags under her eyes. I found it to be ironic that she asked me this because I had just tried what this gal does in the attached tutorial two weeks ago and it works!

It’s always amazing to me how everything we need for our beauty regimes are usually sitting on a shelf in our pantry! The things we already have at home can save us so much money, rather than buy expensive products that sometimes don’t even work in the first place!

Most of us know that one of the best all natural beauty products that we can use is coconut oil, but were you aware of all of the benefits of baking soda?

The following are some benefits of baking soda…

Baking Soda Uses: FACE & SKIN

  1. Natural Deodorant
  2. Face Exfoliator
  3. Hand Softener
  4. Feet Soother
  5. Itchy Skin Relief
  6. Splinter Removal
  7. Bug Bite Soother
  8. Sunburn Relief

This list doesn’t even include all of the health benefits of baking soda. A few of those are:  helps with stomach bloating, stomach pain, digestive issues, minimizes sore throat and cough, treats urinary tract infections and more.

Healthy Zone shows you in their video what you need to do to remove dark circles and bags from under your eyes, so make sure to watch it!


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