She Has Some Fabulous Tips And Tricks To Do With Blue Jeans That You Must See!

There always comes a time when we have issues with our blue jeans and this gal shows us some brilliant fixes for when the waist is too big or too small, zipper breaks, button won’t stay buttoned, pregnant and a way to make your regular jeans fit and the list goes on and on.

This tutorial will make you think twice about getting rid of a pair of jeans for one reason or another, especially when it comes to the fit!

I love how fast she makes a denim planter cover out of the legs of a pair of jeans. It’s such a great look for your decor.

I love how the pearls look sewn on a pair of jeans, but I especially love how she sews them on the hem of her rolled up jeans…such a fabulous look!

Then she cuts a heart stencil out of a wine cork and dips it in paint to put colored hearts all over a pair of jeans. What a great way to change up a pair of old jeans you might be tired of.

Holes in your favorite pair of jeans and not in a good place to have a hole? She shows you the quick fix for this problem too!

Watch these amazing tips and tricks for changing up your old jeans or repairing them in her step by step tutorial.



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