She Has The Perfect Solution For Pants That Have Gotten Too Tight In The Waist. Watch!

If your favorite pair of jeans have become too small in the waist, don’t despair and definitely don’t get rid of them. Instead, you can alter the waistband to fit again even without advanced sewing skills.

Clothing hacks are our all time favorite as they save our favorite clothes from being thrown out and extend their lifetime.
I was so happy to find the solution for fixing my favorite jeans that had gotten too tight in the waist. There’s nothing worse than to feel like you can breath or that your pants are cutting you in half! Although, shoes that are too tight are a close second.
I couldn’t believe how easy this fix was. You don’t need to really know much about sewing to do this, so don’t let it intimidate you.
Or, if your jeans have gotten too tight in the legs, there’s a solution for that too!¬†Add a stylish twist to those favorite pair of pants that no longer fit and make them a little more comfortable at the same time.
If your pants are just a tad bit snug, you will only need a seam ripper to alter them. However, if you need to add more room, you can mix in a new pattern or texture by inserting a fabric gusset to the sides.
Watch how Mey Lynn makes her jeans larger in the waist in her step by step tutorial and get to breathing easier!
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