She Inspires Us By Making This Lovely Drawer Organizer And Shows Us How Easy It Is To Do (Watch!)

Since it’s January and the beginning of a new year, I’m doing a few things that I’ve needed to do for a long long time and that’s getting organized! I’m taking one step at a time on this project so I don’t toss in the towel by looking at the whole picture!

I ran across this tutorial and thought it would make my life easier, since I have several drawers that have stuff in them in no order whatsoever. We all have junk drawers, but it’s usually just one. It seems like every drawer I have in my bathroom has turned into a junk drawer…even thought it’s not junk, I still spend extra minutes every day looking for one particular item. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

It’s amazing how good you feel by just doing something towards getting organized. I believe that’s what propels me to do the next thing towards getting organized. Funny how that works!

Christine Kobzeff uses foam board to make dividers, although you can also use cardboard. I love the way she uses this lovely fabric to cover the foam board….it’s so much more exciting to have pretty dividers for the drawers!

Watch her step by step instructions in this tutorial and get busy making these awesome drawer dividers for your drawers!



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