She Irons Fusible Fleece To Fabric…In 30 Minutes She Finishes An Item You Must Have!

This was probably one of my favorite projects by far, and I can’t even tell you how many people have asked where I bought it! It was so successful that I just got finished making one for my boyfriend too! I made it more masculine for him.

Immediately after getting my MacBook Air I looked into cases. I wanted to protect my new baby! The ones I liked the most were made out of felt. The Macbook Air is super light and sleek, so I liked the idea of a thin sleeve to protect it without adding bulkiness. However, I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I figure I could make it myself. I definitely procrastinated a bit, but I finally made it!

Now that I can sew a bit, I refuse to buy things I know I can make for fraction of the cost.

I whipped up this super easy laptop case pattern last night that I thought I would share with you. This literally took about 30 minutes. I saw similar ones on Etsy for $30 and upwards! This cost me about $6 to make. I love how it turned out.

This case has an convenient pocket and is very modern looking. Check out how to sew this gorgeous case up as your next gift or to add to your collection of sewing projects.

Watch how ArtsAndCrafts4You makes this laptop cover in their step by step tutorial so you can get some protection on your laptop!



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