She Is Sew Creative- Suzi from Puddlefoot Dolls

Happy Friday! It’s time for another She Is Sew Creative feature!

Our last She Is Sew Creative featured artist was Karyn from Maizy Moo Knits. In that post I told you that Karyn (who designs clothing for Waldorf dolls) has an equally talented sister named Suzy who makes Waldorf dolls and owns her own shop called Puddlefoot Dolls! Today it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Suzi.

Kailani a Puddlefoot Doll with a Maizy Moo Sweater

Suzi custom made a Waldorf doll for me that I gave to Bean for Christmas a year and a half ago (pictured above). The doll’s named is Kailani and she is beautifully handcrafted. When I look at her I can’t imagine the hours of love that went into making her. Kailani (and Puddlefoot Dolls) began my love affair with Waldorf dolls. You can see my Pinterest board dedicated to Dolls I Love here.

I love that craftiness runs in Suzi and Karyn’s family. One day I want to interview them together about how they both ended up so crafty, but for today I asked Suzi our regular She Is Sew Creative interview questions. So without further ado I introduce you to Suzi from Puddlefoot Dolls.


Tell us about you and your shop?

My name is Suzi MacDougall.  I live in Southern California with my bearded beau and 3 young boys.  I make Waldorf inspired dolls ranging from the 4″ Drizzles to my 12″ sitting dolls.  I love working with natural fibers, but am especially fond of WOOL.  I am constantly working on new patterns because my mind never stops.



Where did you get the idea for your shop name?

My shop name came about while on the phone with my sister.  We were brainstorming company names together and she found a website with Scottish faeries.  “Puddlefoot” was one of these faeries characterized as one who gets his chores done, but who often leaves wet little footprints throughout the house.  : )

I thought it sounded like the perfect fit for a company dealing with the curiosity and whimsy of children.


Where do you find creative inspiration?

I find inspiration from fabric, family, bloggers, crafters, and fellow doll makers.

Where do you do your work?

I work in my studio mainly, but often times will wonder out in the sunshine to do my hand sewing.  You may or may not find me crocheting wigs in front of the TV (watching Twilight or the likes) late at night as well.  Did I just say that??


Do you craft items other than what you sell? If so what is your favorite craft project?

Most of my free time is used to make dolls for my shop, but recently I have been dabbling in fabric design on Spoonflower (a whole new level of addicting).



If you could learn one new craft skill what would it be?

I would love to take knitting lessons from my sister (owner of Maizy Moo Knits).  Her work is amazing and her yarn choices are to die for.


Other than your own Etsy/Hyena Cart shop, tell us about one Etsy shop that is your favorite?

BungalowBear not only supplies me with my wool, mohair, and interlock, but Edna is also a huge inspiration to me as a doll maker.  She embodies the Waldorf philosophy in a way that I can only dream of.  The simple beauty and exceptional craftsmanship she puts into each doll is insurmountable (see pic below).  If she sold her dolls to the public I would find a way to fill my sewing room with them.


Where can we find you? 





Thank you so much Suzi for joining us today! Waldorf dolls are a great way to inspire your child’s creativity and imagination. Make sure to check out Puddlefoot Dolls the next time you need an extra special gift for a little one. 

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