She Just Made The Coolest and Coziest Giant Blanket You’ve Ever Seen

I pretty much love a well-woven anything, truly- scarves, pullovers, sweater, whatever. I even love woven hot pads, ugly as some may think they are. Blankets are my all time fave, though and I really got into arm knitting last year, which was all the rage then. Forget arm sewing, though. I will never knit another arm blanket again after seeing this incredible blanket made with PVC pipes. PVC channeling sewing has to be the coolest thing ever. Redditor, kiwiwolf314, took knitting to an unheard of level when she decided to make the chunkiest, most noteworthy blankie you’ve ever seen!

For her “yarn”, she utilized fleece batting that she spread out in lines to get uniform thickness (this progression alone took five hours, so you should be in it for the whole deal on the off chance that you need to make your own). It’s a bit of a process to get such giant yarn to weave with, but once you see the photos of the end product, you will not care how long it takes to get the yarn.

In her own words, “it took forever”, but “it was worth it”. We agree 100%, no matter how long it took her to make it. This massive cover must be a definitive comfortable, cuddle mate, and it looks cracking fabulous. It is safe to say that you are fearless enough to give it a go? If you need more convincing, she has a complete gallery of project photos you should check out here:

You can get a pattern for the project here: Giganto-cover blanket pattern. 

You should be pretty much set, but we recommend checking out this similar knit blanket project so you better understand exactly what you need to know. Personally, I think your should start now and make this as the Christmas gift to win all holidays, definitely something the person “who has everything” does not yet own!

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