She Made These Fabulous Felt Roses To Wear On Jackets And Hats. Learn How!

Use these darling felt roses as pins, or on hats and bags, or make a felt flower scarf, wreath or bouquet. I think you’ll get addicted to making these beautiful flowers, like me!

There’s a plethora of things you can do with these lovely felt roses. I made a bunch of them so I would have them for various craft projects and to use as my bows when gift wrapping.

I made one to wear on a solid colored wool jacket and I added a houndstooth fabric to the bottom part of the rose and placed a small antique brooch in the middle of the rose. I love the way it turned out…it’s fabulous!

There are so many ways to change up these roses, depending on what you want to use them for. Trust me, you’ll find a million ways to use these!

These are so easy and quick and only require a few basic supplies. To make these lovely accessories, you will need some acrylic felt, or wool felt for extra richness. You can use other fabrics too, although many of them are prone to fraying.

Watch how this lady with The Flower Art makes these beautiful felt roses in her step by step tutorial. Enjoy learning to make these felt flowers!

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