She Makes 12 Amazing DIYs Room Decor That You’ll Want To Do. Watch!

When she cuts the manger scene out of contact paper you won’t believe what else she does…it’s absolutely breathtaking! I definitely had to do this one!

This gal does some of the best DIY projects in the attached tutorial. It’s chalked full of great ideas. You’ll love all of them. These are so easy and quick to do.

Get your kiddos involved in doing some of these…it’ll be some great family time for all of you.

She doesn’t do all Christmas DIY projects in this tutorial. She shows you some great things to do for your home decor that can be used all year around. We can all use some fresh ideas, right?

I especially love the way she decorates a mirror for her bathroom. It hadn’t occurred to me to use bubble wrap and paint the way she does. I love some of the household items people think up when doing craft projects and I’m so glad they share it with us!

I might add that the easy concrete candle she makes is rather clever and I love how ultra modern and sleek it is.

Watch how this gal with Amazing Compilations does these incredible DIY projects in her step by step tutorial so you can add some of these to your home decor!



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