She Makes 15 Incredibly Brilliant Christmas Decor Projects You Won’t Want to Miss (Watch!)

I’m amazed at the remarkable ideas blogger, Stephania, with Olip Beauty, creates in this tutorial! She shows us 15 great DIY projects that you must watch! This video got close to 3 million views! Here’s the list of DIY projects included in this video:

#1:    She makes string balls and inserts them into Christmas lights…so unbelievably cool!

#2:   String star ornaments

#3:   She makes a snowman with a sock, rice and beads for his face, buttons and ribbon around his neck…oops, and a hat with a pom pom!

#4:    A woven Christmas tree out of rolled newspaper, spray painted green and a light inside…it’s so cool, unusual and easy!

#5:   Super cool stenciled Mason Jar votive holders

#6:   Precious angel on a swing…you have to watch this!

#7:    Another angel, but different, and it’s an ornament!

#8:   Shiny snowflake ornaments

#9:   Really easy and cute wreath

#10: And, this one, by far, is the coolest ever! She puts lights in a jar, cuts up a Santa and uses the jar for it’s body, attaches his head to the top and            legs to the bottom…it left me speechless!

#11: Sorry! You have to watch the video to see the rest of these amazingly creative ornaments! You don’t want to miss this!

Watch how she makes all these clever Christmas decorations in her step by step tutorial…you won’t be sorry!


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