She Makes 3 Easy And Fabulous Items Creating An Absolutely Elegant Christmas Theme!

There’s nothing more elegant than white and gold Christmas decor and if you want to change up your Christmas decor or you’re just getting started in a new home, these three DIY projects are something you must check out!

When putting all of these decorations together the end result is a gorgeous winter wonderland. Think of those year ‘round Christmas shops where you step in the door and you feel like you’’ve been transplanted into a different world. That’’s the magic you want to capture for your own home, when you choose white and gold or white and silver.

I’ve always had lots of reds, golds and colors for my decor, but when we moved to our modern home I wanted a change and to go more dramatic with the white and gold decor.

I found the attached tutorial when I was browsing on YouTube one day and thought I could save some money by trying out some DIY projects, so I made some of these cool trees in different sizes and then I HAD to have the lighted letters spelling out JOY! I was really taken by this idea and it looks awesome with the lights turned down.

I just love the way my home looks with these decorations. I found a few more ideas that I mixed in with these and my home looks fabulous!

Watch how this gal with Live Your Style makes these awesome decorations in her step by step tutorial.

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