She Makes A Cheap And Easy Item With Rope And Adds A Lot Of Charm To Her Home!

Who would have thought that a simple rope, which has been around for so many uses, can also be used for decorating your home?

Rope can be used to bring nautical, modern and outdoorsy touch in the house. Today I am sharing this great tutorial for making a fabulous rope rug.

When you can make a rug this easy and quick, why buy one? That’s the wonderful thing about DIY projects. You can save a lot of money!

Rope can be used in many ways to add ambiance to your home. It adds some charm to your decor. It’s amazing how adding one new item like this one can impact your home decor. It really does!

Anyone who knows me knows of my love for rugs and how they make a space. Nothing adds life to a room like a rug, and in my experience, they can actually make a space seem bigger, which is everything if you have a small place.

If you’ve been looking around at rugs you’ll know they’re generally pretty expensive, meaning it can cost you quite a bit to outfit your whole house with some nice ones.

Recently, I found the perfect solution for a space I needed a rug for and made this DIY rope rug, one of the easiest projects we’ve done to date. Plus, once you’ve got all the materials through the door you can make it as big as you want!

Watch how this gal with DIY makes this great looking rug in her step by step tutorial.

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