Thursday, December 7

She Makes A Classic Look That Was Popular In The 50’s — It’s Back Again And Really Popular (Watch!)

Just recently I saw a bunch of these online and they were made out of the cutest brightly colored vintage fabrics and I almost ordered one, but I’m trying to curb my urge to shop impulsively!

I’m glad I waited because I ran across this tutorial for this incredibly easy skirt and it looks just like them. It’s always amazing to me how all of the old styles always come back around. These skirts are so much fun and nice and cool for the summer weather.

According to Vintage Dancer: “In the 50’s this is what most women wore on a daily basis. The fuller the skirt the better in the 1950s! With the aid of multiple layers of stiff petticoats and a possibly a hoop skirt, ’50s skirts were as voluminous as the wearer could make them. The skirt was at least 4 or 5 yards of fabric draped using a few different techniques.” This skirt  I’m showing you today doesn’t require even close to that amount of fabric. She uses 2 yds of 44″ fabric because she wanted her skirt to be fuller.

Back then the full skirt was popular because it was flattering. The fullness hid big hips and made waists look smaller. The fuller the skirt the more magic it had on slimming waistlines. Adding a wide cinch belt over the skirt band created an even more “wasp waist” look. Leather and plastic cinch belts were very popular, but they were prone to tearing and bunching up blouses. The elastic cinch belt was the best at both keeping blouses tucked and waists thin.

Watch how Angela Clayton makes this cute skirt in her step by step tutorial so you can make some of these yourself!

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