She Makes A Creative Costume That Will Definitely Make You Want A Latte!

Halloween is just around the corner and time has snuck up on you You just realized you have parties to attend and you haven’t prepared for any of them, and now you’ve gotta put your thinking cap on and try to make something that’s better than everybody else’s!

The good news is you’re certainly not the first person to ever find themselves in this particular position. The best news is that this is Halloween, so you’ll always fit right in, even if you don’t make a great impression. So, what do you do? Hopefully, you’ll jump on your computer and look on the Internet for some quick costume ideas.

With so many fabulous costume ideas available to us why go buy a pre-made costume that you see everybody coming and going in? Why not make something that won’t cost you a bunch of money and is different than what everybody else is wearing? You’ll be more likely to win a costume contest if you DIY your costume.

Most of the costume tutorials available to us will only cost the price of some paints and pieces of clothing you most likely already have lying around your home!

In the attached step-by-step tutorial by LauDIY you will be able to pick from several costume options, along with the  Starbucks costume featured in this post.

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