She Makes A Fabulous Item That Many Of Us Need On A Daily Basis. Watch!

This is an item we all need and will get plenty of use out of. I know I needed one, and since I’ve made one for myself, I’ve really enjoyed the size of it!

Do you ever get to the store and wish you had another tote bag? I used to, but not anymore…not after making this awesome and large tote bag. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a beautiful bag either!

Ever since the grocery stores in my city stopped giving out free bags I have been having a hard time gaging how many bags I need, and inevitably I always ended up needing another bag. It used to be so frustrating! Then I would have to buy another bag and they would pile up in the trunk of my car!

This is such a spacious bag and I made two of them so that I rarely need another bag. It is so great and I highly recommend that you make one of these…they’re life savers!

These not only work for groceries, but they are great for taking to the beach, carrying all of a baby’s needs, sewing necessities to take to a sewing club and other great uses.

Watch how this lady with Shabby Fabrics makes this great tote bag in her step by step tutorial.

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