She Makes A Fabulous Lemon Peppermint Foot Scrub To Relieve Her Tired Feet…

Lemon peppermint foot scrub is a wonderful DIY to pamper and rejuvenate your feet. This project is super easy and inexpensive to make and is also a perfect gift idea.

This is an easy and very inexpensive way to feel like you’re being pampered at the spa…without a huge bill! DIY Lemon peppermint foot scrub makes the perfect gift idea too.  In less than 5 minutes and only a few natural ingredients,  you can create a gift for yourself or someone else for pennies.

My girlfriends get these as gifts all the time! Wouldn’t this be great for Mom or Grandma? I’m always wondering what to get them because they go out and buy whatever they want and I know they love stuff like this, so this will definitely be a part of their Christmas gifts this year.

What a nice way to end the day and soothe tired feet. You will feel refreshed and your feet will thank you!

It’s just amazing how many lovely homemade skincare items we can put together with a simple supermarket shopping list!

Watch how Estee Lalonde makes this luscious foot soak in her step by step tutorial.

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