She Makes A Fun And Easy Quilt That We Don’t Often See, Using One Jelly Roll!

This fun quilt with oblong rings comes together in a snap! The quilt top was fun to make – I sewed it in a couple of days.

I loved how different this quilt was and that was what intrigued me about it, plus I could make it with one jelly roll!] You’re going to need about, around two yards of background fabric. You will also need about a yard and a half of fabric for your outside border.

The two yards of the background fabric will cover the centers, your corners, and it will also cover that first border. So, all that will be taken care of in the two yards.

I grew up with my Mom and Grandmother making string quilts, wedding ring quilts, log cabin quilts, scrap quilts, and such, but I’d never seen a jump rings quilt like Jenny does in this tutorial and I was fascinated by it.

This is such a great little block. And I just love how the quilt came out. The one I made is with mainly turquoise and red, with a light background…my favorite colors together!

Jenny with Missouri Star Quilt Company is a great teacher, so her tutorial is very thorough and easy to follow. Watch how she makes this quilt in her step by step tutorial.








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