She Makes A Huge Decor Difference By Creating Some Minimal, Modern And Easy Room Decor!

Start out your new year with these easy DIY projects that will make a difference in your room decor and a couple of them are quite functional.

These are the types of DIY projects that I love…easy with quick results! I especially love the plant stand she makes in this tutorial. The clean lines and modern style provides a great place to sit my plants. I made a couple of these and just love them.

The shelf she makes also has clean and simple lines, yet is a great statement piece for the wall. We can always use another shelf in our home…at least I could.

I made one of these and sat a piece of brightly colored art, that I just finished painting, on the built-in ledge. It looks so awesome in my room and I used the knobs to hang some of my prettiest necklaces from.

For another pop of color, the super easy wall hanging she makes with dowels and colored wool roving yarn was perfect for bringing out the colors in the painting that I placed on top of the shelf. I used some of the bright colors in the painting and just love the way it turned out!

Watch how Hermoine Chantel makes these cute and easy pieces for her wall in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy adding some great decorative pieces to your wall!




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