Thursday, November 30

She Makes A Lovable Valentine’s Gift To Surprise Her Children On Valentines Day!

If you’re a cat lover like I am, here’s how to make some adorable sock kittens! Whether you are making these for yourself, for your children or for a child’s gift, these are inexpensive, easy and adorable!  This is a clever way to repurpose old socks and put smiles on faces!  Everybody loves kittens!  These are so irresistible and fun to make!  I’m sitting here with my granddaughter and she saw the video, while I was writing this content.  She wants to go out, in the pouring rain, and buy the stuff to make her one…right now! This is a great rainy weather project to do with children!

All you need to make this darling little cat are some socks, needle and thread, scissors, paint pen, round black buttons and batting.  Draw the kitten on the sock and sew around the drawing, leaving approx. 1/8″ around where you cut.  Then cut approximately 1″ slit in the underside of the kitten and turn inside out.

Next she stuffs the body with batting and sews up the slit she cut for putting the stuffing in.  Then she draws the head and ears and sews around her drawing.  She stuffs the head and ears.  Next she draws a tail on the heel of the sock and sews around that and stuffs.  She attaches the head and tail with a needle and thread.  Then she draws the eyes on and sews little black balls (buttons) on for those.

Then she sews a smaller black ball (or bead) on for the nose and puts a bell on some ribbon and ties it around the kitten’s neck for a collar.

Watch this easy step by step tutorial, by Innova Crafts ,and make some of this precious kittens! Your kids and grandchildren will love these!

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