Thursday, December 7

She Makes A Magnificent Mosaic Table With Seashells And It’s Stunning! (Watch!)

If you went to the beach this past summer and brought home a bunch of shells, there are several great craft projects you can make with them!

Whether you’re looking for a great beachy look for your decor or not, this is a fabulous way to repurpose shells and make something really beautiful.

Any table can be transformed into a stunning sea shell table. Here is a great way to bring home the beach in a unique and artful way. If you find that you don’t have enough shells and don’t want to purchase more, at a craft store, you can also repurpose an old lamp by gluing your seashells on it and putting grout around it, then add an new lampshade and Wah lah! You’ve got a new lamp! I love the stone like look the lamp has due to the use of grout.

Many people are using whites and off whites in their decor these days and this mosaic shell table looks stunning with that look. This would also be a great table to sit on your patio. It’s up to you whether you want to add the sheer skirt the way that Debi does in her tutorial.

I’ve also seen people do this with sea glass and shells and it makes for a more colorful table…they are beautiful as well. You can make this with your decor in mind.

Watch how Debi, with Debi’s Design Gallery does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making some good use of those fabulous shells you brought home!




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