She Makes A Pattern From Her Jeans Adding More Fabric For An Easy And Fashionable Item

We all look for comfort in our clothes and this is probably one of the most comfortable clothing items you can make. It’s super easy and very flattering. A great beginner’s sewing project too!

Naturally a style I’ve been really loving (and you can see everyone else is too) is this wide leg trouser. Pretty much the easiest thing to make in the world if you have even basic knowledge of a sewing machine.

The trick for this project is choosing a nice fabric that moves well, thus taking them from pajama wear to out on the town wear, although a little bit of both isn’t so bad either…

Since this tutorial is super easy and a beginners version of her wide leg/palazzo pant, I will be making more of these…I absolutely love them and can whip them out in no time!

These are the most comfortable thing I own and they look fabulous on! We all love things that are flattering to our bodies and these are exactly that!

I love wide leg pants and high waist pants and I love pants that flow with you! You’re gonna be making more than one pair of these, I promise!

Watch how Nadira makes these great pants in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making yours! If you want to use a zipper, look for Nadira’s more advanced tutorial on YouTube!




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