She Makes A Pottery Barn Inspired Wreath And The Final Touch Is A Stroke of Genius (Easy!)

I think all of us love Pottery Barn, but don’t love the prices. Here’s a chance to save some money and DIY for 4-5 times less than what it would cost to buy it there!

With springtime upon us, it’s time to put away those fall wreaths and make something light and airy to fit the season. This is the perfect answer to an easy and inexpensive wreath that screams classy!

This is such a quick wreath to make, so you get to see the results fast! That’s the kind of DIY project I like, plus the fact that it’s cheap! Don’t you? She bought her grapevine wreath at Walmart for $4.74 and she bought 2 floral picks of Dahlia’s and 4 stems of Pussy Willows at The Dollar Tree. ¬†She said that she could have gotten by with using 3 stems of the Dahlia’s and 3 stems of the Pussy Willows, but she used a little more than one pick of the Dahlia’s. If you wish to have more flowers on your wreath, it’s up to you.

When I made this wreath and took down my fall wreath, it just made me feel like I had a spring in my step! Guess that’s why we call it Spring! I love the simple elegance about this wreath. Many times my wreaths have a lot going on, so this is a big change for me and I think I like it better!

Watch how simple this wreath is to make in this gals step by step tutorial so you can put some spring in your step!



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