Saturday, December 2

She Makes A Real Show Stopper For Her Home That Everyone Will Be Talking About (Watch!)

My mouth dropped open when I laid eyes on this! It’s one of the most beautiful things you could make for your home! Although, first thing I thought of was what a fabulous Mother’s Day gift this would make for my Mother! She has everything, or goes and buys whatever she needs, so it’s difficult to think of gifts for her…this is perfect!

This wreath is absolutely stunning and is perfect for the spring and summer months!  It is durable and can be hung up outside on your front door.  It would make a great first impression to anyone who came to your home.  It would also make a fantastic wall hanging inside your home.  Make sure to watch the detailed tutorial below to make one for yourself.

This is actually a very easy DIY project, so don’t let the fact that it’s so beautiful intimidate you! It just requires some tying pipe cleaners and cutting burlap. We can all do that…right? Easy peasy!

It’s rustic charm and sunny color are the perfect way to brighten up your front door and it’s sure to put a smile on your face each time you pass by your porch.This project is very easy and affordable to make.

Basically you’ll need a wreath form, some poly burlap in yellow, green, and brown, and some pipe cleaners. The hardest part of this wreath is cutting out all your petals and leaves, but after that’s finished the project just breezes by and you’ll end up with a charming wreath in no time.

Watch how Trendy Tree makes this fabulous wreath in her step by step tutorial and get busy making one for your home!





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