She Makes A Stunning Sequin Holiday Dress Just In Time For New Years Eve!

Ok, I know it’s getting down to the last minute, but you still have time to make this exquisite dress for New Years Eve and you’ll be the Belle of the Ball!

I can’t think of anything more stunning to wear to a holiday party, so if you can whip this out in a few hours, it’ll certainly be worth it! You may have to skip a couple of meals, but you can make up for it after you get to the party.

I wish I’d seen this before the Christmas banquet I needed something special to wear to. I’m definitely going to keep this for next year, since I saw this amazing dress after I purchased a dress for the New Years Eve party I’m going to this year.

This dress is definitely a head turner that this gal with MyStyleDiary makes. You may just have time to pull this together since a lot of the parties don’t start until later in the evening OR you can just go “fashionably late”! It will certainly be worth it.

I’m just putting this out there for the seamstresses who sew at lightening speed…and I KNOW you all are out there!

Watch how she makes this amazing dress in her step by step tutorial and get to the fabric store quick! Happy New Years!

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