She Makes A Super Cool Costume Accessory Out Of Galvanized Wire And Knee Highs. Watch!

Here is a neat little project to do as a Halloween costume. I couldn’t believe that you could make these with knee highs or tights…it never would have occurred to me!

You don’t have to spend much money for a costume and these fairy wings are quite original. I ventured out trying to find my granddaughters some fairy wings and ended up with nothing after visiting four different party/costume stores. So we made our own by following this clever tutorial.

If you’re anything like me, I usually wait till the last minute to make costumes for the kids, and this is a great DIY project that you can make in no time at all. Most of our little girls love being fairies or angels on the big day.

My daughter was in a Christmas play several years ago and she was assigned the part of the angel. My Mother made the most beautiful angel outfit for her and the wings were fabulous. She probably would have loved to have seen this tutorial before making them. I’m sure they were more difficult than these are.

Keep in mind that you can also make these wings with coat hangers, but they might not be quite as flexible as the galvanized wire this gal uses in her instructions.

Watch how Freckles Fairy Chest makes these clever wings in her step by step tutorial attached below.


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