She Makes A Turkey That Doesn’t Go In The Oven And Will Make The Holidays More Exciting

When I saw this, I had to make one to have on display for our family’s holidays. I just love this little guy and he will fit in perfectly with my other holiday decor!

I made a wall hanging with this great looking little turkey and I’m so proud of the way it turned out. My out of town guests are gonna love him.

This is a Dresden turkey and she uses 5″ charm packs. She gets 2 blades out of each square and if you keep watching this darling turkey will appear!

These also look really cute on placemats so keep that in mind when you contemplate what you’re gonna do with the turkey you make.

Such a fun project to do for the holiday season and it’s quick and easy…my favorite kind of DIY!

I made a few of these and gave one to my Mom and another one to my sister-in-law. They were thrilled about them and we will all enjoy these for years to come.

I’m big on decorating my home for all the different holidays. It just makes the holidays special, fun and more exciting. I look forward to each holiday that rolls around for this very reason.

Watch how Jenny makes this cute little feller in her step by step tutorial.

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