She Makes A Very Sentimental Gift For Her Friends And Family They Will Love (Watch!)

This is one of the loveliest gifts I can think of receiving! Written on the little notes you see in the picture are sentimental quotes and messages for your friends and loved ones and they read one each day at the start of each day.

I’ve made a lot of these for friends and they think they’re the greatest gift! They love this gift and your friends and family will be very touched by the heartfelt messages you write and put in the jar.

When I make these I call them “My Happy Jar” and I found┬ámost of my quotes on┬áPinterest. There are some profound quotes on there, so make sure to check those out when you start making these. I wrote all of the quotes down on a sheet of paper and made several copies of them so I wouldn’t have to write them out over and over again. This will save you some time and from having a tired hand!

Another idea for these jars is to put notes about things to be grateful for in them. Reading them is a great way to start each day with a thankful heart!

Watch how I Am In A Place does this in her step by step tutorial!




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