Saturday, December 2

She Makes A Very Unique Christmas Decoration With Coffee Filters Of All Things. Watch!

This super cute holiday decoration can be made in under and hour and for under $3 and you will be really surprised when you see what she makes!

Not too long ago I posted a DIY project for a coffee filter wreath and it seemed to be one of your favorites…mine as well.

I decided to show you some other things you can do with our beloved coffee filters. I just love making things with them and how they turn out.

Coffee filter crafts were all the rage this year…so were cone trees! I decided to take the two trends and make these beautiful coffee filter trees.┬áThese were really easy to make and super cheap! I bought 3 poster boards for $1 and a pack of coffee filters for $1 then ended up making 5 trees in different sizes.

These make great decorations or center pieces for any holiday party! I thought about adding a little glitter to the edges, but I kind of like the simplicity of plain white.

Christmas is right around the corner, but you still have time to whip out a few of these Christmas trees made with coffee filters!

These look fabulous in a grouping of about 5 and different heights. Sprinkle a little fake snow around the table you display them on and it looks like a winter wonderland!

Watch how Ngoc Nguyen makes these amazing coffee filter trees in her step by step tutorial.


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