She Makes A Wreath That Is Beyond Simple, Yet So Stunning!

Get creative when decorating with wreaths this Christmas. Go DIY, or embellish a store-bought live or artificial wreath with ornaments, berries, pinecones or other decorations. Then hang it in any room of the house.

I had always adored these types of wreaths, made with ball ornaments, but I’d never taken the time to make one. Well, I can say that I have now made one and absolutely adore it! I love all of the colors in this wreath, so I chose to do a colorful wreath. Although, these wreaths look fabulous done in solid silver ornaments…red and silver too!

I did my wreath just a tad different than Amanda Brooke does in her tutorial, with the same results. I made this dense sparkly wreath by first spray-painting a plain artificial wreath silver – completely covering it for a tinsel effect. Then I wired a bottom layer of assorted ornaments to the wreath frame. Then hot-glued more ornaments on top of it to fill it out. The bright colors and tinsel effect give this wreath a retro feel.

This wreath is super easy to make-it took me 30 minutes and cost less than twenty dollars! You certainly can buy a pre-made wreath (that looks any good) for that price!

Watch how Amanda Brooke makes this awesome wreath in her step by step tutorial!



Photo Credit: Lowe’s

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