She Makes An Awesome Ladder Shelf To Put Her Plants On During The Cold Winter Months (Easy!)

I was looking for something to put my plants on when I had to lug them into the house before it froze outside. Then I ran across this clever sawhorse shelf built by Shanty2Chic! They built this to be a bookshelf, but it was exactly what I needed for my plants.

This 3 tool sawhorse shelf was so quick, easy and cheap to make and I made 2 of them since I have so many plants. This was perfect for what I needed and all of my plants are now cozy and happy inside!

With only 3 tools and less than $50 in materials, they built this super unique bookcase that’s perfect for any room! Keep in mind this great shelf can be used for many purposes, as I am using mine for my plants! They are so handy to have and perhaps when I take my plants back out, I’ll use mine for books and nik naks!

I can always find things to put on shelves, as I’m sure that most of us can. This is such a brilliant idea and I’m a pretty happy gal to know that my plants won’t be sitting on my floor this year!

Watch how Shanty2Chic builds this shelf in their step by step tutorial!




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