She Makes An Easy And Cheap Mason Jar Sign For A Great Mother’s Day Gift — Sure To Be A Be A Big Hit!

Rustic is a practical style that uses natural materials functionally and also frugally. It is an affordable style that will add great character and warmth to your home. When I think about a rustic home, I think of warm wood tones and textural neutrals that instantly gives me a cozy and comfortable feeling.

This is a great Mother’s Day gift! I know that I would love receiving one of these, wouldn’t you? And, the good news is that you can save yourself $40 by making this awesome welcome sign yourself. It’s on Etsy for this price. Isn’t this the greatest thing about DIY projects? I have seen quite a few versions of these mason jar welcome signs and decided this would be a great gift for Mom!

The jar can be easily removed and replaced when you want to freshen up your flowers. Mom has so many beautiful flowers growing in her backyard, so I’m sure that she’ll always keep something beautiful in the mason jar.

Whether you hang this outdoors or on a wall inside, it will be a great rustic addition to your home. I’m also very sure that this gift will be received with great joy and excitement!

Watch how Dixie Debutantes makes this great sign in her step by step tutorial. Now you’ve got a great idea for your Mother’s Day gift!

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