She Makes An Item That Provides A Lot Of Warmth For The Winter Months. Watch!

Some of us live in the colder regions of the country and this DIY project couldn’t be a better solution for the cold weather.

This is a great way to use up some scrap fabric and some Poly-Fill (or any other fluffy filling). You could easily make a large and comfortable quilt rug, blanket or even a bed for your toddler.

The bubble pattern of the quilt will encourage anyone, especially little kids, to lounge on it or squishing the puffs for hours. So, don’t waste any more precious time and begin making this awesome DIY piece.

After some careful sewing and stuffing, the final bubble quilt (or puff quilt) will definitely be a nice addition to your home’s decor.

My daughter-in-law was looking for ways to make gifts for friends and decorating ideas for her home. The Puff Quilt makes a great gift and a beautiful bedspread. This method, which is all machine sewn, is extremely easy to make – even for a beginner, but just enough work to make a true gift.

This is very forgiving and imperfect seams don’t matter as much as with other quilts. You can use scraps or you can buy fabric in the colors you want.

Watch how this lady with Astar’s Place makes this wonderful quilt in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making one…or two!

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