She Makes An Unusual Face Mask For Large Pores And Blackheads–Watch What She Uses!

I’ve slowly over this past year been changing my beauty treatment to completely natural products. Admittedly, the changes has had its ups and downs. I’ve never had skin issues but in the process of detoxing from the chemicals I found myself breaking out quite a bit. But I’ve held strong and through it all have discovered so many amazing natural ingredients (like the mask in this tutorial) to treat everything from that gigantic pimple to those pesky black heads, like the mask in this tutorial.

I’m now a total believer in DIY face masks and moisturizing with oil (yes, you read that correctly). As I continue to discover the homemade tricks that work for my skin.

Activated charcoal is a powerful, natural substance that you should keep around your home. It traps toxins in the body and can be used to treat accidental poisoning, gas or bloating, to whiten teeth, and even prevent hangovers. Activated charcoal is created for medicinal purposes and any other type of coal or charcoal should not be ingested.

Activated charcoal works through the process of binding toxins to the surface of charcoal. This makes it a great ingredient for eliminating toxins from the skin’s surface. It is a common natural ingredient for clearing acne and can be found in face washes and masks.

Watch how Tasmin Dahliwal makes and applies this in her step by step tutorial.


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